Powdered Urine (100% Success): Pass Drug Test On Short Notice

What Makes A Good Synthetic Urine?

Need to pass a drug test on relatively short notice? Chances are, you’re gonna need to purchase some sort of fake urine, since most detoxing products take awhile to flush out your system.

With all the products on the market, how are you supposed to know which ones work and which do not?

Well, to start, we must consider what the tests are actually testing for. Although the specifics depend on what test it is, the lab will scan the urine for the presence of certain substances other than those related to the drugs in order to make sure the sample is legit. Below, I have outlined the most common substances that are looked for in urinalysis.

There are five main factors that one should consider when investing in fake pee :


In order for a sample to be considered negative, it must be within range of a normal human body temperature. Obviously, testers do this as a way to stop people from bringing in fake pee or other substances in an attempt to fool the test. You can raise the sample’s temperature to match that of your body by concealing it as close to you as possible. Conveniently, many kits, such as the Urinator, come with straps so that you can secure it under your clothing.

pH Level

Testers will also monitor the pH levels of the sample as a way to make sure no substances were added to the sample. A normal urine sample will be slightly acidic, registering around 6.5 – 7, but a wider scale is accepted to account for natural outliers.


Gravity is how hydration levels in the body are measured. It basically measures the density of the urine, giving them a picture of how much solute is present in it. A normal measurement, meaning that the person is sufficiently hydrated, is from 1.002 to 1.030. Make sure that your fake urine product mentions its gravity, because this is a pretty common thing to test for that could cost you a positive or inconclusive result if it is not in the correct range.


Creatinine is a natural waste product the body excretes when you use your muscles or digest meat. Like the pH level, acceptable levels of this vary, so just be conscious of whether or not the fake urine product you’re researching mentions the inclusion of this substance.

Uric Acid 

Another component that should be present in the urine sample is uric acid, which is waste that is mostly filtered by the kidneys, but some still passes through. Normal levels of this substance in the urine would be around 3.4 – 7 or 2.4 – 6 mg/dL or depending on if you are male or female.

Now that you’re aware of the most common substances tested for, does the fake urine you’re looking at measure up to the challenge?

If the product you are researching has a way to make sure the temperature is correct, ensures that the levels of several essential chemicals are in the correct range, and you have a way to discreetly load the sample into the cup, your chances of passing the test are looking pretty good.

On the off chance that you would be monitored more closely during the test, there are several holders that make it look like you are urinating rather than pouring the sample from a container. Although they can be more expensive, this is the only other factor that could prevent your fake urine from passing the test (given that the product isn’t past its expiration date), so I think it would be worth the investment!

Tips For Using Synthetic Urine

So you have your synthetic urine kit, now what?

Often times, people get worried about the transfer process in which you get the fake pee into the testing container. Depending on the format of your test, it is possible that another person could be monitoring your deposit either visually or auditorily. In this article we’ll be going over the best ways to ensure that testers believe you are truly peeing into the sample cup!

Let’s say that you are behind closed doors, but there is someone outside listening. The three main focuses here would be making sure that the sample is at the right temperature, that there are no weird noises as you get the sample out, and that it sounds like somebody peeing. For the temperature, ideally, you could just strap the sample to yourself under your clothes so that it matches your body temperature. It is important here to be aware of how accessible it is, knowing that you will have to quickly remove it and empty it into the cup. Many companies offer additional harnesses / straps for the urine so that you can store it comfortably and conveniently. If you don’t want to purchase such a product, you could always secure a plastic bag or container to your inner thigh or waist, just make sure it won’t leak or make too much noise! Finally, pour the sample from high enough up and slow enough to where it sounds like you are actually urinating: the tester may become suspicious if it’s completely silent or all rushes out of the cup at once.

Now, let’s say that for some reason you are being visually monitored. This is where we’re gonna have to get a bit tricky. Since most DIY methods require you to remove the sample from your body and pour it into the cup, you’re probably gonna have to buy a specialty product for this one. They are definitely more expensive than just a plastic bag and tape, but hey you want that clean drug test result, right? Several companies manufacture “delivery devices” that allow you to deposit the fake urine directly from your pants. They come at varying degrees of realism and price level, but I would definitely do some research into those and find out which specific model would work best for you! When using one of these, temperature shouldn’t be an issue, given that they wrap around so close to your body. Well, hopefully this article gave you some insight as to how you can effectively load your sample into the cup and get that negative test result! If you have any more questions about this process or the fake pee itself, feel free to check out some of our other articles.

What is a Powdered Urine Kit?

The powdered urine kit is one of the amazing inventions that can rescue whether a casual drug user or an addict  from either a pre-employment drug test or a sudden workplace drug test. 

Aside from being a pretty useful tool in escaping drug tests, it is also useful in school experiments as well as in any other instances where real urine is needed.

The full powdered urine kit package by Testclear comes with 

  • A vial containing powdered urine 
  • A 50ml plastic medical transport vial with blue lid
  • A temperature strip used to gauge the piss heat
  • Two air-activated heaters
  • A User guide leaflet

Also, if you are skeptical about the accuracy of the temperature strip, you can add a digital thermometer to your order.  Even though you may not need it as the temperature strip is made to give accurate results when the test is done under the normal room temperature. 

Pass Urine Drug Test – 100% Success!

With the powdered urine kit, you no longer need to worry about the result from using a fake drug testing kit or a synthetic kit. Using a fake drug kit could lead to embarrassing situations that could easily be avoided by using a real piss testing kit.

If you are wondering how the powdered urine is gotten, your guess is absolutely right: they are gotten from real human beings. 

The urine is dehydrated and undergoes scientific transformation in the lab. During the transformation process, precaution is taken to preserve the quality of the urine. 

It’s advisable to use the powdered urine kit within one year of purchase.

In this post, I’ll take you through how to use a powdered urine kit and where to buy the best one.

If you are in a hurry to read through the guide you can get the best powdered urine kit from Testclear. 

Test Clear Powdered Urine Instructions

It’s important you properly read the instructions as written in the leaflet attached to the kit.

Please note: do not open the package until the day of your test or experiment. Doing so could expose its compound and thereby render it ineffective.

It’s therefore advisable to confirm the time of your test so you won’t jump the gun. 

Also, for best results, it’s advisable to use under normal room temperature.

 The following tips should guide you in properly using the kit:

  1. First, empty the powdered urine from the vial into a 50ml tube (maximum tube size should be 70ml). Make sure you completely pour the contents into the tube.
  2. Second, remove the temperature strip from the adhesive sticker and then stick it horizontally to one side of the tube.
  3. Next, fill the tube with 50ml of water and cover tightly with the blue cap. It’s advisable you add room temperature water. Do not allow the water temperature to be extreme. It isn’t going to work if the water is too hot or too cold. Use the temperature strip to gauge its temperature.
  4. After adding water, vigorously shake the mixture. If you’ll be doing the mixing at the employer’s facility, ensure that you are discreet about shaking the mixture. If you are lucky enough, I’ll advise you to do it from home and discreetly sneak it into the testing venue.
  5. Shake it until it changes color and looks like urine
  6. Then open the heater package. Peel the paper off of one of the heaters and stick it to the back of the tube, opposite the temperature strip. Use only one heater unless you want it to heat up faster. And in this case, you have to be careful not to overheat the solution.
  7. Hold it tightly and shake again.
  8. Let the heater warm the test tube and put it on the same temperature level with real piss which is 94-99 degree Fahrenheit
  9. If the temperature strip isn’t showing the tube temperature, don’t panic. It’s not broken. It’s the highest quality component of the kit. It’s either the water is too hot or too cold.

And there you go with your real powdered urine!

Can you buy a powdered urine kit on Amazon?

Looking for cheap powdered urine on Amazon is like fishing in an empty ocean. The only current vendor of Powdered urine online is Testclear. 

Testclear has been helping people scale through drug tests since 1995. They are trusted vendors of both synthetic urine kit and real powdered urine kit.

Test Clear Pass Your Drug Test kit

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Is dehydrated human urine as effective as a sub-solution powdered urine kit?

For years, people have been used to sub-solution powdered urine kits as an effective way of scaling through drug tests. 

Sub-solution powdered urine is a synthetic urine kit. It is made from between 11-13 components of a real urine including the vital ones such as: uric acid, creatinine, sodium chloride among others, They are made to have the same color and smell like real urine.

It is also as effective as a dehydrated human urine but it’s best to use real powdered urine. 

Apart from safety reasons, there are numerous benefits associated with using real powdered urine.  

For instance, unlike the sub-solution or synthetic urine,  it contains more than 3,000 components found in real urine.

Let me also mention that companies are gradually finding ways to detect fake urine in the lab.  

Aside from that, using sub-solution powdered urine is illegal in some states.

Moreover, you don’t want to find yourself in an embarrassing situation.  Since it’s artificial, mistakes could occur. Save yourself from real mess and get a Testclear powdered urine kit.

Tips for Using a powdered urine kit for a drug test

  • Prepare as if you are going to war

I know bad habits die hard. So, it may not be easy to stay off your drugs that help you keep calm.

Aside from that, you may not have time to go for a detoxification program. A detox program is a slow route to help you completely abstain from drugs. This could take up to a month. 

So, you have to prepare early enough as if you are going to war. You don’t want to lose your big opportunity merely because of a drug test. Call to be sure of your appointment. Prepare at least 48 hours before the test.

If you are a first-timer, you can buy two kits and experiment with one so you won’t make mistakes. 

  • Properly dissolve clumps

It’s important for the clumps to properly dissolve in order to avoid any embarrassment.  Check for any traces of clumps and dissolve using warm water. 

  • Check Piss tube temperature

You don’t want to submit a fake urine solution.  The temperature of a real piss is  between 90-100 degree Fahrenheit and stays so for up to four minutes. So you don’t want your result to be anything lower or higher than the limits.

If you aren’t sure of the temperature you can use a digital thermometer to get an accurate result.

  • Wear appropriate clothing to hold the pee mixture

If the test is going to be done within the company’s premises, you have to be discreet in your usage of the kit. 

It’s advisable for you to have already done the mixture from home and put inside a safe polymer packet. 

You should wear two tight underwears that would safely hold the tube. 

So, when you are in your safe corner, you just do your thing by emptying its content into the test tube you’ve been given.

  • Politely ask for privacy

Usually, you shouldn’t be monitored by anyone but if there’s anyone watching you, politely ask for your privacy to do your thing. 

In the first place, they shouldn’t be watching you pee!

  • Read package leaflet

Above all, read the package instructions. You have to adhere to the entire guidelines.

Test Clear powdered urine kit reviews

Test clear is the only vendor of real dehydrated human piss. That’s why it has attracted many users including myself. 

Before I share other people’s testimonies, let me first share mine. I was short on time on a pre-employment test and the last thing I needed was for my result to show traces of drug use. 

My friends told me about a fake pee kit when my workplace demanded a sudden drug test from all the staff. But I was skeptical about using the artificial stuff. 

After scouring the internet for a solution, I stumbled upon Test clear powdered urine kit reviews where people testified about its effectiveness. I bought it and it was delivered within 24 hours. I followed the instructions as given in the leaflet guide attached to the package. 

I attended the test and discreetly used the fake pee kit. And when the result came out, I was absolutely good  to go.

I am not the only one who has immensely benefited from using Testclear powdered urine kit. There are numerous testimonies littered across the internet but I’ll just show you just a few from BBB:

Here are other reviews:

“I ordered the powdered urine kit and it worked perfectly. I was really nervous at first, but the instructions are clear and easy to follow. Don’t overthink it, just buy it and use as directed and it will work!” – Sarah-R, BBB

“I purchased the powdered urine kit and I am beyond pleased with the results. As long as you follow the directions the product is 100% guaranteed to work. I payed for express shipping and it literally arrived in less than 24 hours. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is in need. Thanks Testclear!” – Leo, K
reviews of Test Clear drug test products

BUY Test Clear Real Human Powdered Urine

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do powdered urine kits work

Absolutely! Powdered urine kits have been saving many people from pre-employment drug tests. It’s as effective as real urine. It can as well be used for educational purposes.

  • How long does Test Clear Powdered urine last?

Although it has a shelf life of up to two years, I will advise you to use the dehydrated powdered urine within one year of purchase. 

  • How to preserve powdered urine at home?

Remember this is pee. So, once mixed, you need to keep it at a safe temperature. It shouldn’t be kept for more than a day. You can also microwave it.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to expose yourself to the risk of being detected with a fake pee kit in your pre-employment drug test. As sophisticated as synthetic kits can be, they are artificial and mistakes could occur. So, I’ll advise you to go for Testclear natural powdered urine kits. If you want an even more fool proof delivery system read more in our 2021 Urinator review. If that won’t work learn more about the best drug detox products

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The Urinator:

One of our top selling products, the Urinator ensures that your sample will remain at proper body temperature and come with clean results! Thanks to its self regulating urine warmer, you won’t have to worry about whether or not the sample is close enough to your body. This kit comes with over $100 worth of synthetic urine, a heating sleeve, a thermometer, an IV bag, syringe for mixing and filling the container, and an instructions manual.


Urine Simulation With Powdered Urine Kit:

For slightly less than the Urinator, the Urine Simulation Kit can help you get those negative test results you desire! Included in the kit is a vial of fake pee, a temperature strip, 2 air activated heaters, and a medical transport vial. Although you will have to find your own way to conceal the sample, this kit provides security concerning its temperature and ability to pass the drug test.

Klear Urine Additive:

For those up against less sophisticated tests, aka non lab tests, Klear Urine Additive could be a cheap way to get negative results. All you gotta do is place a couple of the crystals into your urine sample and stir until they dissolve. Again, this is not the most reliable method, but if you only need to pass a fairly cheap test, this product is worth a shot.


Toxins and Drug Detox Products

Need to pass your drug test and have a decent amount of time to prepare? Consider investing in a detox product, rather than synthetic urine. With detox products, you will no longer have to worry about sample temperatures or the pesky process of transferring it. Depending on how long you have before the test, we have several options to help you get those clean results!