Drug Testing: Who Undergoes Drug Test

A urine test is conducted in many companies to check whether their employees are addicted to drug or not.The urine test is also one of the forms of drug tests. In urine testing, human urine is collected, and it is tested for drugs. If drug traces are found in a urine sample, then it results in drug test positive which means that you are taking drugs. Drugs substances that are dissolved in our body get detected in a urine test. Naturally, drug substances take weeks to get completely out of our body.Expert says that traces of drug can be found in victims hairs, saliva, and urine test. Drugs have a very bad effect on our body, and that is the reason why drugs test are conducted to avoid drug use in the company. Below I mention the people who will be asked to undergoes drug testing.


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1> College students – A recent study on drug use in the United States shows that from past few years many people fall into the trap of drugs. College student intakes drugs that are completely illegal. To stop drugs among the college students, college authorities decided to conduct drug tests. Authorities take necessary action to stop college student taking drugs.In some cases, the student can get banned from college campus so that other students can be safe from a drug addict. The student can also to be sent to the drug rehab center to get a necessary treatment for drug addiction.
2> Athletes – Drug testing is common in sports to avoid drug abuse. Athletes take some drugs to improve their performance. Athletes take drugs to beat the competitor. Doping test is conducted on athletes to check whether athletes intake any drug or not. Athletes must clear the doping test if he wants to participate in the game.
3> Crime Suspect – Police check the criminal blood or urine to check whether he or she takes a drug or not. It is more likely that the person who is addicted to the drug is committed to the crime.
It is possible to pass a drug test by using a various product such as test clear powdered urine.