Our 2022 Urinator Review: Does it Work and is it Worth the Money?

Just found out you have a drug test and have no way of passing it with your own urine? Fear not, if you buy the Urinator drug test kit, it might just save you your job! 

Many of us have been there, and oftentimes the stakes are high. No one wants their life structure to be compromised by a personal intrusion such as urine drug analysis.

Let’s say you don’t have time to detox or don’t trust the results of a singular use drug detox product. That’s where the Urinator comes in! 

In order to secure a negative test result, you’re gonna need to ensure that the fake pee you’re using is chemically sound, at the right temperature, and able to be deposited in a discrete and realistic manner.

The Urinator meets all three of these criteria! See more of our Urinator reviews below.


What is The Urinator?

Included with the Urinator package is a digitally controlled heating element, $100 worth of synthetic urine, a bottle filling device, 2 temperature test strips, and an operator’s manual. Together, these elements will make sure that your fake urine sample is heated to normal body temperature and can be deposited into the sample cup quickly and with a realistic sound.

How Does it Work?

First, you need to locate the vinyl IV bag that comes included with the kit. Inside of the Urinator warmer bag is a thermometer, which is attached to a digital controller. This controller is able to read the temperature of the sample and raise or lower it depending on how far off it is from the ideal temperature. You can load the sample into the IV bag using the bottle filling device. Once the sample is prepped, inserted into the bag, and heated, you can release the clamp (attached to the vinyl tubing of the IV bag) to control the flow of urine into the sample cup. 

Why Choose The Urinator?

As a product, the Urinator belt covers all the bases when it comes to securing a negative test result. With the Urinator’s warmer, it ensures that your sample will remain at the right temperature with its reliable, self-sustainable heating mechanism. It allows both genders to control the flow of urine in a realistic way, unlike many other products that require you to manually open and pour out the contents. Lastly, this kit comes with a hundred dollars worth of synthetic urine that mimics the chemical makeup of real, clean urine. Although it may be relatively costly, the Urinator ensures that you get what you’re looking for!

What Comes With The Package?


As you might have guessed from the above description there is more than one component that comes in a urinator kit to make sure that the delivering of your fake pee seems as natural as possible.

  • The Urinator itself
  • Two test strips to for temperature check
  • A syringe for filling the pouch
  • “Clean solution”
  • A how-to user guide

It might take some practice, so you can use water instead of the samples to practice until you are entirely comfortable with the process.

No matter what delivery system you use (and there are quite a few available) the whole thing will need to seem perfectly natural, or you’ll raise red flags.

Where Can I Buy The Urinator?

Make sure you do not buy it from a shady website because there are a lot of sites that are offering fake products. These low-quality products might cost you less, but they are going to cost you a lot in the long run. I bought my urinator from TestClear.com, the most reputable online store for products used for passing any type of drug test.

We get a lot of questions like, where can I buy a Urinator near me? As of right now, the Urinators are not sold in stores, and you can only purchase them online directly from the manufacturer.

That is that some way of ensuring the quality product. If you do find a local outlet or novelty store, then be careful. They could probably be selling faulty or a fake product that is being sold at a high price.

Should you purchase the Urinator?

Passing a urine drug test is easy with The Urinator kit. Now you know from where you can buy it. It is time to beat the test and get your job.

There is no doubt that it has saved the job of countless people around the world. It is one of the best ways to pass a supervised drug test. Buy this one with Confidence! This is not for those who want to buy powdered urine. If you have plenty of time before your test you may want to consider a drug detox product.