The Urinator Reviews: Is it Worth the Money?

Does the urinator work? Read this review before buying the kit for a drug test. Find out what included in the kit, where to buy it and how to use it for the best results.

In today’s modern society drug testing is one of the significant issued civil rights.

More than 80% of the business enterprises in the world conduct drug tests to make sure there is not any problem with their functionality and employees efficiency.

This has created issues for a lot of individuals who enjoy consuming such substance in their free time during the weekends. It is entirely harmless, but it still puts their careers in jeopardy.

That is the reason why there are a lot of products in the market that can be used to pass these types of drug tests even if you are consuming such substance now and then.

But all of these drug testing products comes with a catch: how do you take the fake sample into the testing room and replace it with your sample and what if someone is assigned for monitoring you to make sure there is no funny business?

What’s The Urinator?

A urinator, drug test kit, is a delivery system for liquid. It works like a strap-on (in fact, you do strap it on) with one difference being that it’s utilized for providing fake pee without raising any suspicion. You just prepared your synthetic or hydrated pee solution and then filled it in the pouch.

After the preparation, you put the Urinator and pouch under your pants and make sure that everything is as discrete as possible. Then go to where you need to provide your sample for the urine test.

Even if you have someone supervising when you are delivering the sample, all they will see (if they choose to take a peek when you take it out, which they might not actually do) is the tip.

If they do disturb you in any such way, then you can call them out which should make them avert their eyes, and you can provide your drug-free sample with peace, when you are done the zip up and go back to your work.

What Comes With The Package?


As you might have guessed from the above description that there is more than one component that comes with a urinator to make sure that the whole business of delivering your fake pee seems as natural as possible.

It might take some practice, so you can use water instead of the samples to practice until you are entirely comfortable with the process.

No matter what delivery system you use (and there are quite a few available) the whole thing will need to seem perfectly natural, or you’ll raise red flags.

There are quite a few Urinator for sale available in the market which you can purchase from any leading online store, but regardless of what you choose you will get these components in the whole package:

  • The Urinator itself
  • Two test strips to for temperature check
  • A syringe for filling the pouch
  • “Clean solution
  • A user guide

Does The Urinator Kit Work?

You will find a lot of Urinator reviews online that will sing its praises.

Well, this is not that kind of review. That is because, in our personal experience, we found this product great for passing the test.

When you buy it from the, you will get $100 worth of powdered urine for free. According to me, It is worth every penny. I can’t find any other easy way of beating the urine test. Click here to Read more about test clear powdered urine.

Where Can I Buy The Urinator?

Make sure you do not buy it from a shady website because there are a lot of sites that are offering fake products. These low-quality products might cost you less, but they are going to cost you a lot in the long run. I bought urinator from the most reputable online store for products used for passing any type of drug test.

As of right now, They are not sold in stores, and one can only purchase them online directly from the manufacturer.

That is that some way of ensuring the quality product. If you do find a local outlet or novelty store, then be careful. They could probably be selling faulty or a fake product that is being sold at a high price.

Should you purchase the Urinator?

Passing a urine drug test is easy with The urinator kit. Now you know from where you can buy it. It is time to beat the test and get your job.

There is no doubt that it has saved the job of countless peoples around the world. It is one of the best ways to pass a supervised drug test.